My First Post

I have been meaning to finally start my blog since forever.  I mean the closest I have gotten is my @365daysofZ account on Instagram where I share random thoughts on a daily basis (or should I say try because it is difficult as life has got busier and I still haven’t finished the project yet and it has been well over a year!). You should check it out and let me know what you think!

So I am @kthanksbye__ and I really have no idea what to share with you here as I have so many different interest and passions but hey the main thing is I am finally doing this. So I have always enjoyed not sharing too much on social media and how you create your profile as transparent as you wish to be BUT over the last year I have really used platforms such as instagram to connect with many creatives via @secret.north which has been amazing.

I bake along with my aunty and cousin from cupcakes to wedding cakes so if you need a cake let me know! Here are a few of the cakes I’ve made but check out our page @Humuzcakes for more and give us a follow x

I graduated in July 2018 A.H with a Biology degree (which for some reason makes people presume I am super smart). I must say my final year was super hard but more so because of my health but I did it! I made my MaMa proud. I could not have done it without all the special people in my lives and they mean so much to me. You know who you are, THANKYOU! If you’re studying at the moment do not let the pressure break you. You got this. You are stronger than you think!

Your degree really is not everything and learning that will change your life and probably make you work a lot better. Put yourself first. Drink lots of water, eat well and more than anything sleep well. Remember or find who are beyond your education. And PLEASE PLEASE know the way uni is sold is a dream. Appreciate your journey, stop letting yourself think that the people you meet at uni are all going to be your friends for life. Don’t get me wrong you will meet lots of wonderful people and you may be lucky enough to make one good friend but often enough people feel saddened by the social life chase. Instead of forcing it just put yourself out there, join a society you love, get active and hopefully you will meet people that are likeminded. Believe me university is just a chapter in your journey.

Here’s to my epic personal tutor and some decent humans I met along the way.

I mean my journey continues as I am now doing a Mres in Clinical Science and I LOVE IT. I never thought I would end up doing a masters or even in a lab and I am pleasantly surprised which goes to prove why you should never get hung up on having to do one thing. My masters includes me trying to discover new things on the daily and I have no idea where I will be soon but here I am now and I am lucky enough to be enjoying it! (I have no idea where I will end up at all!). I love travelling and live for the adventure so lets see where my journey takes me!

Here’s to my beautiful amazing Mother (the strongest human I know) who without I would be nothing)

Anywho, thank you for reading and hopefully I will type something more interesting soon x

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