Learning to be what you need

The title sounds silly really, I mean aren’t we all what we need? I think not. I know for a long time I was the worst thing for myself. I was the reason life didn’t get better. I was the reason that I couldn’t break the cycles. I mean that in the healthiest way possible (of course there were other things going on but ultimately I’m in charge of me). Looking back, there were times I was aware but just didn’t care or/and didn’t know what to do to fix things.

The reality is it’s learning to try. Try different things again and again and again until you find what works for you. Yes, you may have been a certain way forever but that doesn’t mean you can’t alter that to be better. I mean that’s what life’s all about learning and improving. Even though we constantly new things whether it be how to cook a new dish or a new route to somewhere or something for work or educational, how often do you learn new things about yourself? How often do you ask yourself what you did well today and what you didn’t? How often do you just check in to see what was it about today that didn’t work for me?

What ACTUALLY works for YOU?

It’s not necessarily the big things, it may just be snoozing my alarm from 6am till 8am which whilst it may seem necessary isn’t. Or it may be when someone gives me a complement I have to say something crappy because I don’t agree with what they said when Instead I could just learn to take the complement. It’s becoming more aware of what works best for you! I can’t stress enough how it’s such a long process and it never ends but even if you just become a bit more aware of your positive and negative traits you’re taking a step in the right direction.

For me I’ve learnt to look at:

1) What works well with others and what doesn’t?

2) How much can I actually handle?

3) What brings value to my life mentally and/or physically?

4) Am I being true to myself?

Just take 5 minutes a day, a week or even a month and just reflect and have one thing to improve. It may just be I’m going to unfollow 1 person that makes me question my self worth or I’m going to set times of the day for others and times just for you! It maybe not seeing that friend that is just toxic to your life even if you’ve known them for 10 years and you love them.

Stop feeling guilty for making choices that improve your life!

Kthanksbye x

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