Casa Italia – a Little Piece of Italy in Liverpool

A little piece of Italy in the heart of Liverpool by the name of Casa Italia with delicious food from their yummy cheesy garlic bread to the vegetarian lasagna.

Casa Italia has lovely authentic decor giving me a real Italy vibe. There is an open plan kitchen which is lovely especially given I’m always super hungry when I get to a place. There are 2 floors which is perfect as they are always busy and you can make bookings for larger groups. Upstairs has lovely tiling on the wall and large windows just like you’d find abroad. All the staff were pleasant and spoke Italian which was cool.

I recently had the pleasure of visiting Casa Italia 🇮🇹 for a gifted menu tasting with #NWBG organised by @katy.gilroy and it was fabulous. I’ve often walked by the restaurant and wondered what they do and thought it looked like something out of a movie and that I should try it so I was super excited to give it a taste.

How was the food thou?

The dough balls were wow. I’m not really a massive dough ball fan but their dough is so delicious and has a real homemade vibe to it and the garlic butter that comes with it is just as good.

Given how delicious the dough is you can just imagine how yummy the garlic bread was. I’m being genuine when I say it’s the best garlic bread I’ve ever had. I ended up going back with my cousin and finished half the garlic bread (it isn’t small) within 5 minutes and even she was blown away. I’ll definitely be going back again because it is just that good.

Now for the main course the vegetarian lasagne. I was shocked by how many options they had for all different diets including gluten free which is fab. I didn’t have high hopes as I’m quite fussy when it comes to lasagne and have been disappointed in the past but Casa Italia have really gone above and beyond to combine lots of different vegetables, pasta and flavour ultimately. I’m not usually one to eat mushrooms in a dish but this was made so well you couldn’t even tell they were there.

The lasagne came in a large dish (yes I upgraded to grande because I never say no when it comes to being able to take food home as it is hard for me to cook plus student life) fresh out of the oven. On my second visit I saw how they put the piece of lasagne in to the oven covered in cheese to melt it the right way and you can truly taste the effort gone into the dish. Surrounding the lasagna is lots of the sauce which is a perfect flavoursome blend of tomato and white sauce. I love this idea as it comes out bubbling and means the lasagne stays warm (I’m a very slow eater).

I decided to treat myself to a fizzy drink for a change and went for diet coke which was nice although I always regret ordering a fizzy drink as I feel even more bloated but on the plus side they use paper straws which is always a bonus.

For dessert I opted for Chocolate fudge cake with vanilla gelato even though I was full as I never say no to dessert 😂. I loved that the gelato made me feel like I was on holiday and the cake was rich and gooey as it came warm.

The need to know

Casa Italia is definitely on my list of restaurants I will keep going back to and I would advise you check it out. The atmosphere is great and the food is both filling, yum and affordable 😏. Would 100% recommend the garlic bread regardless of your main, it is to good to miss. Do let me know what you try so I can keep it in mind for my next visit.

Casa Italia is located by the Met Quarter near the taxi rank only a few minute walk from the bus station, Liverpool 1 and lime Street station making it the ideal place to dine. There is also pay and display parking nearby that is free after 6.

Find them at 36-40, Stanley St, Liverpool L1 6AL

Give them a call via 0151 227 5774

Check them out on social media

Kthanksbye x

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