The Body Shop Festive Fun

It’s that time of year, everywhere you look there’s a bargain and everything is just so tempting. It’s also an amazing time to grab gifts, I often stock up because why not? I recently got invited to go to The Body Shop in Liverpool One to check out their new range and learn about what they’re doing outside of the place to make a difference and I was really impressed!! Not only have they got lots of great treats but they’re helping women around the world to improve their working conditions and ensure they’re safe. So to do this 1.8p of anything you buy from now up until Christmas will get donated towards countries like Indonesia. Whilst that doesn’t sound like a lot, pennies really make pounds plus isn’t it better knowing your purchase makes a little difference??

The gifts 🎁

The body shop has made so many different gift options that there is definitely something for everyone! From little gift sets including lip balm and body butter to their larger full range gift sets. I love that they’re packaged ready to give and look great. I was tempted to buy everything!!!

The Body Shop has an amazing customisable gift this year, you can choose any body butter and choose what you want the label on the front to say which I think is pretty cool!

My personal favourite thing is they’re doing an offer which reduces waste by avoiding plastic use etc. and allows you to go for what you or whoever loves! You get a free torte gift bag with any purchase over £25 (I went for it, here’s to hoping my MaMa doesn’t read this till after her birthday 😂). The bags are cute and have so many uses I’d never even think of e.g you can roll them down into a plant pot 🌱 or use them to store things e.g. toiletries. Anywho there’s definitely something for everyone and I love knowing the products are of high quality, smell divine and they’re focused on helping others.

The products

I’ve personally lived the strawberry smells since I was 12 and received a gift set (I made it last for waaaayy too long)! I still love the smell but I’ve expanded on my go-to smells. I love going in and smelling everything. For the past year and a half I’ve been using their oils for life range and I’ve been super impressed. Prior to using this I never liked the skincare products I tried and just use coconut oil instead and I got sick of the smell 😂. The oils for life range contains so many different oils for a perfect blend that smells great and hydrated your face. Whilst it seems expensive it’s actually a good price for how much you get.

I’ve been using their oil from the oils for life range and it surprisingly doesn’t leave your face feeling oily. What’s great is it smells good and lasts so long. If you use it twice a day it is said to last 8 months I use it once a day and only need a few drops and it’s lasted me 16 months (it’s still not finished). Prior to putting this on I use their revitalising essence lotion which is lovely.

I’ve also tried their oils for life gel option and I’m tempted to purchase it. What’s great is it has the creamy texture most people love but the properties and sent of the oils for life range and I love it. I know my cousin and mum love this! They’ve also brought out a night option which looks brilliant, I’m going to try it out soon 😍.

The Christmas scents:

The rich plum range: this scent really gives me winter vibes and I love it. I’ve actually tried the body scrub and it’s brilliant and great for exfoliating 😏 which I definitely need to do more of. What was lovely is I’d leave the shower feeling like a new person with soft skin. The body shop kindly gifted me a bottle of their rich plum shower gel (£5) and I was super excited to use it BUT I kept feeling the need to give it away as I love making others smile. However, I kept it to test it out properly and it smells fabulous and the scent stays on your skin. I don’t usually use shower gel due to the plastic (I’m trying to cut down) but it was a nice treat.

They also have a juicy pear range which was surprisingly nice. It’s got a fruity smell (of course) but it’s equally neutral/floral. It’s a good blend which isn’t too strong. Finally, they’ve launched warm vanilla which really gives me a cosy by the fire vibe. I was gifted one of their mini bath bombs and didn’t expect much given it is tiny but it was fabulous. The scent was overpowering and left me feeling super relaxed. I personally loved the rich plum but smells are all open to personal preference so I’d recommend you go in and give them a smell.

Currently, there are lots of offers such as buy one and get 1 half price on body and hair which is brilliant.

Tip ~ don’t forget to sign up to their rewards club it’s quick and easy and you get a discount off each purchase, collect points and get £5 credit free on your birthday!! Also, bring in your empties to recycle them for extra point.

The Advent Calendars

You’ve probably come across the numerous different advent calendars that aren’t filled with chocolate but instead beauty products, makeup or candles. The body shop has catered to everyone’s needs creating multiple different sizes and prices each with products you’d usually buy in-store. What’s super cool is they’re a real bargain, the largest one is £99 and there are £250 of products in there so how can you not?!

I personally would love one as a gift because it just seems exciting opening a new box every day and getting a surprise present. The advent calendar makes a brilliant gift to anyone or a treat for your self. I also love how advent calendars are made to break gender stereotypes and empower women. You can see it with the details from the female Santa Claus to the boys doing ballet. On the back of each box, there’s a cool fact illustrating how epic women are with facts about their lives.

The body shop is a cruelty-free ethical brand which for me means the world. The team are absolutely lovely and always explain things so well. They’re more than happy to find you the right product for you and where possible give you a sample so that you figure out what purchases to make. You can pop in and have a skin consultation, give everything a smell and take advantage of the offers. They have also got lots of festive makeup which is really cute such as their shimmer spray. Would definitely recommend you go in and check out their Christmas range, especially given we are in the last few days before Christmas.

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