Christmas in the biggest Lush Spa (Liverpool)

In the heart of Liverpool is one of the biggest Lush spas around. The place has 3 floors of amazing stuff and every time I go I want it all. They also have a salon and a spa where you can book in for treatments. What’s even cooler is for Christmas there is a full floor dedicated to Christmas, making your gift shopping much easier plus the products are super cool!! I was so impressed by how beautiful it is and never wanted to leave.

The festive stuff

There are so many epic options. From their well known Snow fairy range to their cruelty-free makeup.

I love that they have bubble bars available as I always want bubbles but also want a bath bomb which can be conflicting. I absolutely loved the candy cane bubble bars which are reusable which is cool and makes a great gift as it lasts longer. You just hold it under running water and enjoy the beautiful smell of Sicilian lemon and bergamot oils. Plus it’s a bargain at only £3.95 each. If you want to go for something a bit bigger the Santa Claus bubble bar which is £8.50 and also reusable.

The perfect thing for me is their new 3 in 1 bath bombs which are known as Amazeballs and they are exactly that. They’re pretty bath bombs on the exterior with crystals on the inside which you pour into your bath which create lots of bubbles and the lid has all the essential oils you need which I love because you leave the bath feeling pampered and super relaxed. For me with my body pains and fibro, this is perfect as I end up feeling like a new person and it’s much needed. All you do is pop the top, sprinkle in the dust, drop in the shell and enjoy. They’re so glittery I love it. What’s cooler is Lush source their glitter sustainably and it won’t just go down the drain and pollute the oceans.

Lush do a reusable bubble bar which allows you to have lots of fun in the bath. I wish they existed when I was a kid. You dip them in the water then blow and you get to blow bubbles whilst in the bath which I think is pretty cool!! Lush also now do shower bombs which is great given many people do not have baths. They work in the same kind of way and give you lots of bubble fun.

Luxury Lush Pud Giant Bombshell (£14.95) is the ultimate bath bomb which I opted for. It’s everything you want and more. The design means your bath ends up being multicoloured which I think is super cool! In the centre of this, there are lots of sea salt to allow you to have an amazingly relaxing bath.

If you want something a little smaller they do the same bath bomb in the regular size known as the luxury Lush Pud at £4.95.

I love that Lush is full of options and you can spend £15 and get multiple different gifts making someone feel spoilt and everything feels so much more expensive. I also love knowing that they care about the environment and staff right down to how things are sourced. I also love that they’re fighting against animal testing and I don’t have to worry about animal testing!

I personally love the naked plastic-free products and have been using the Lush Shampoo & conditioner bars. for most of this year and it’s changed my life saved me money and stopped me using so much plastic. I don’t think I’ll go back to regular shampoo. I also love a treat from there here and there but I especially love receiving lush as a gift.

Lush has a Forest where all the flowers are grown naturally so they smell as they’re meant to not artificial as they usually do on the high street. You can choose a bunch of flowers or have some flowers put in the centre of your bath bomb to have an amazing fragrance and they’re beautiful. I always want some when I walk by as they are near the door!

Get it Wrapped x

Lush offer an amazing alternative to gift wrap that isn’t great for the environment. They sell amazing knot wraps. If you opt for one, you choose the design then they’ll wrap the gift for you and make it look super cute. They also print out personalised tags making your gift unique. I’d definitely be the most excited about opening this gift in comparison to a normally wrapped gift. They were kind enough to gift me 3 products of my choice and I’ve never been so confused 😂 and it is so cute I can’t wait to put it in my hair.

What’s cool is once the gift is unwrapped the knot wrap has multiple uses you can use it as a headband, an accessory and much more. The knot wrap can also be swapped for a different design at anytime so once you’re bored you can just pop in and swap it for a new one or maybe you want to use it to wrap a gift but there’s a better one to match the person you’re giving the gift to. The knot wraps are all designed by unique artists and one was designed by a group of autistic adults which made me smile! They also have bath bomb holders which look really cute like a train.

They also have an interactive system known as the magic lush lens where you can see what’s in their pre-wrapped gifts. I personally LOVE this because you put the gift box onto the table and then the screen shows you what’s in the box AND what it will look like in the bath so you can decide which bath bombs are cooler. For me, this is perfect as I always end up with the same kind of bath bomb out of habit because I like the scent but this way I can choose something with colour and that’s different (which I did😏). You can also use the app and scan the barcodes to see the same thing.

The Spa

I got the chance to have a look around their Spa and I really want to go now😭. Here’s to treating myself one day. The spa is amazing and I can understand why the prices are high as they want to ensure that they care about every detail and make the whole experience personalised.

Prior to beginning, you discuss your needs and any injuries etc. You then choose the oils you want, each has a saying such as laugh, determined, go do etc. to help you get out of the massage with the motivation for whatever it is you need. You also choose your massage bar and each one has a different word on it such as confidence or mind cleanser again with the same logic. They smell SO GOOD. I WANT ONE.

I think a spa treatment at Lush would be the most epic gift because people are so reluctant to pay for these things when it comes to them BUT really we could all do with an hour of relaxation right?

Their concept is Slow down to Speed up and I LOVE IT. It’s so so true and I learnt that the hard way. So please if you take one thing away from this just slow down, self-care, treat yourself and you’ll feel better for it.

Each room is unique. Room 1 was super relaxing and I would probably opt for this.

On the ceiling, there is lovely lighting which almost looked like waves. The music is calming and is probably fall asleep in this room. What makes this room different is there’s a bath!!!

During this treatment, you get to use their MASSIVE bath bomb (I’ve never seen one that big) and completely relax to have the ultimate epic treatment which seems like a dream.

The comforter is a different kind of massage with an upbeat vibe,
colourful lights and music to uplift you.

During this treatment, you get a chocolate scrub and a 60-minute endless massage with the rose oil.

Within the room, there is a heated duvet but you can change
this to your preference.

Liverpool also has one of the only fragrance bars around. What’s amazing is that their scents are cruelty-free which is rare and there are so many options. To make it easier they offer a 1-1 consultation process to find the perfect scent for you or whoever you’re buying for which I think can make life so much easier. I love that each scent has a story behind it and some smell a lot like famous high street perfumes which is nice. They also do solid perfumes to reduce waste which is interesting. One of the scents we tried smelt a lot like Black Opium. Whether you want an earthy smell or something

Another cool thing to note is their Black pot incentive where you keep your empties and when you bring back 5 pots in any size, you get a free fresh face mask (they smell and feel lovely). What I found out is if you turn over any of the black pots there is a Recycling sign with a number in which is how many times it’s been recycled and the numbers go really high which is lovely to know. Also if you peel off the green sticker on the back of one of the pots you get a message.

@kthanksbye__ 💋

Shout-out to @KatyGilroy for organising such a fabulous event for the #NWBG

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