My Favourite Affordable Cruelty-Free Eyeshadow Palette

Over the years I’ve tried multiple different eyeshadow palettes and the ones I’ve liked have usually been expensive but the revolution Birds of Paradise eye shadow is absolutely epic. It is pigmented, has a variety of colours (perfect for summer) and it is affordable.

What is fabulous is even without an eyeshadow primer, the product does not require much build on, stays on for long hours and the colours are similar to that which can be seen in the palette which is rare.

The palette is only £12 which I personally think is such a bargain especially given how many colours there are!

When I purchased this I didn’t think I would use it much given how bright the colours are but I have since used it fairly regularly in day to day looks, experimenting with new colours. I can’t wait to try other makeup revolution palettes given they are affordable and cruelty-free which has become really important to me in the recent years.

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