The Mango Girl Body Butter

I was recently gifted some cruelty-free head-to-toe mango body butter and I was surprised by how lovely it smelled. The Mango Girl is a fabulous brand founded by Ava a super inspiring women who is a domestic abuse survivor from Jamaica. She took her love for mangoes and her knowledge of skincare and haircare combined to create a variety of products.

Her body butters come in various different scents and ranges including Hemp, coconut butter, cleansers and more!

I love that as a brand all products are vegan, organic use recyclable plastics and packaging (which is fabulous) and contain no parabens, sulphates or harsh chemicals.

All items are “handmade with 80% of the finest unrefined Shea Butter ethically sourced in Ghana, West Africa. And those gorgeous smells you love? They’re all derived from natural essential oils”

The body butter is one product that you can use everywhere! From your hair as a hair mask to your lips and skin. It is ideal for travel, I mean one product in your bag vs 10? Firstly, that is great from an environmental point of view as the beauty industry plays a key role in adding to plastic waste. Plus the product gives you a lovely glow which is always a bonus!

The concept of putting it in my hair was strange at first but it was really light and once it soaked into my hair the smell wasn’t overpowering and my hair doesn’t look super greasy. It was still somewhat as the product is full of moisture so I popped it in before bed.

The item is priced at £19.95 which is reasonable for a product that ticks all the boxes! Plus you are supporting a black owned small business if you buy today She also takes into account skin conditions and as someone that has suffered with psoriasis on my hands and exzema in certain areas of my body I was amazed by the fact my hands didn’t react! However, it is of course dependant on each persons skin. Nonetheless, it highlighted how the use of the right ingredients makes all the difference


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