The Mango Girl Body Butter

I was recently gifted some cruelty-free head-to-toe mango body butter and I was surprised by how lovely it smelled. The Mango Girl is a fabulous brand founded by Ava a super inspiring women who is a domestic abuse survivor from Jamaica. She took her love for mangoes and her knowledge of skincare and haircare combined... Continue Reading →

BY ERIM Hair Oil – Is it worth it?

Over the past year, I have seen so much about BY ERIM hair oil, launched by the lovely @erimstagram and I was so intrigued as it was advertised as non-oily and life-changing. What made the oil more appealing is it is cruelty-free and vegan!! I didn't really believe and oil could be non-sticky but after... Continue Reading →

The Body Shop Festive Fun

It’s that time of year, everywhere you look there’s a bargain and everything is just so tempting. It’s also an amazing time to grab gifts, I often stock up because why not? I recently got invited to go to The Body Shop in Liverpool One to check out their new range and learn about what... Continue Reading →

Learning to be what you need

The title sounds silly really, I mean aren't we all what we need? I think not. I know for a long time I was the worst thing for myself. I was the reason life didn't get better. I was the reason that I couldn't break the cycles. I mean that in the healthiest way possible... Continue Reading →


Learning to find time to be mindful (as much as we tend to despise the word I've learnt its importance) of the situation I am dealing with has really taught me a lot. I mean often we spiral into negativity and complain about things that aren't actually so bad. We're then told it's okay and... Continue Reading →

Dear You,

You're back again, taking over each inch of my body. You want to stay and have a play. You do as you please and then briefly leave. With each moment you're here, I lose a part of me. I'm lonely. I want to give in to you, to stop hoping it will end But how?... Continue Reading →

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