Am I doing enough to maintain friendships?

Hi friends! Welcome back to my channel!..whoops wrong platform my bad. This the EPIC’s alter ego, a 6ft south Indian female she coincidentally lives with writing. Right now, I’m sat on our couch waiting for her to come home like an estranged wife waiting for her lover to return from the barracks. I’ve been commissioned... Continue Reading →

WE ARE WOMEN | Let’s talk body positivity

Let's get real, the world's a little wild and there are constant triggers making us negative towards ourselves. I mean we're so quick to compliment friends, strangers and basically anyone but ourselves. But when it comes to you, how long would it take to complement 5 things about your appearance with confidence? Sadly most people... Continue Reading →

Learning to be what you need

The title sounds silly really, I mean aren't we all what we need? I think not. I know for a long time I was the worst thing for myself. I was the reason life didn't get better. I was the reason that I couldn't break the cycles. I mean that in the healthiest way possible... Continue Reading →


Learning to find time to be mindful (as much as we tend to despise the word I've learnt its importance) of the situation I am dealing with has really taught me a lot. I mean often we spiral into negativity and complain about things that aren't actually so bad. We're then told it's okay and... Continue Reading →

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