BY ERIM Hair Oil – Is it worth it?

Over the past year, I have seen so much about BY ERIM hair oil, launched by the lovely @erimstagram and I was so intrigued as it was advertised as non-oily and life-changing. What made the oil more appealing is it is cruelty-free and vegan!! I didn’t really believe and oil could be non-sticky but after seeing the daily stories of how beautiful Erim’s hair is and how she could apply it regularly and her hair did not look oily, I had to try it. Unfortunately, whenever it is put on sale it sells out super quickly. This year I set my alarm and finally managed to secure some and I have to say I am amazed.

From the packaging to the scent, I was really impressed from the moment it arrived however, I was still sceptical about the actual oil. However, from the first application, I was impressed. The oil was in fact non-oily. If you apply just 2-3 pumps on your hair, you can leave it in and carry on with your day and no-one would even know you have oil in your hair. I now apply the oil after every shower on damp hair and I absolutely love the scent and feel in my hair.

The oil is a combination of Amla Oil, Argan Oil, Castor Oil, Coconut Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, and other essential oils inc Lavender Oil, Rosemary Oil and Bergamot Oil and making the perfect scent that isn’t too strong. It is beard friendly so you can share (although you may not want to because it is that good). I have coloured hair and I’ve had no issues, rather it has helped with the damage I have caused through bleaching. After learning more about the ingredients I can completely understand why it works (will go into more detail soon)!

If you want a deeper treatment prior to washing you can put in more and it washes out in ONE WASH, which never happens with oil. I’ve only had the oil since the start of lockdown, but my hair is healthier, it has actually grown (nothing ever works for me) and my curls are so much more defined and lest frizzy, so I would definitely recommend!! Whilst the price may seem steep it is definitely worth it and it will last you quite a while. They have now launched a smaller bottle which is perfect for travel and if you just want to try the oil.

What makes the purchase even better is the opportunity to support an amazing women who acts as a sister for us all. Erim lost her mum when she was 8 (you can read her full story on her site) and as I lost my dad when I was young, I can only imagine how that felt. With the help of her Dhadi (Grandma) she developed the perfect recipe to maintain her hair as a tribute to her mum who was known for her long, strong, shiny hair.

I had to get this post up today as you may just be able to get some today as she is restocking. Click here to shop

PSA she has now launched a Shampoo & conditioner which is in the post at the moment – will review soon!

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