Africa Needs You

You may have seen the #EndSARS but what does it mean?

SARS = Special Anti-Robbery Squad put in place to ‘protect civilians from armed robbery’ instead citizens have been harassed, tortured, murdered and raped. Younger individuals are targeted due to having the latest phones and then abused as a consequence.

The #EndSARS movement is fighting against this aiming to totally reform the police force

Thousands have been murdered in the Republic of Congo. Women have been buried alive!! Their lives matter. Many have been displaced including a high percentage of children!

The Democratic Republic of Congo is one of the world’s richest countries with the largest/significant reserves of coltan and cobalt.

Colonisation has led to them becoming one of the poorest countries. Coltan is extracted (or rather mined by over 40 thousand children who earn under $2 a day) and used to make the electronic devices we use. The majority of companies including Samsung and Apple are part of the issue. This is basically modern-day slavery and it isn’t okay. They deserve to be treated fairly. We need to work towards this.

Africa as a whole is in a state of emergency from child trafficking and thousands of cases of rape. Whilst posting a black square was great it’s so important that we spread awareness and work towards change.

What can you do?
– Share posts, articles and work towards change
– Realistically it is unlikely we are all going to Boycott all major corporations however, talking about it more will highlight the need for change and help those risking their lives peacefully protesting.
– It is key to hold companies accountable to work to more ethical sourcing with a fair wage and basic human rights

Some great resources

Here is a summary of some of the current hashtags to raise awareness about the suffering in africa

Let me know what you think!

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