Am I doing enough to maintain friendships?

Hi friends!

Welcome back to my channel!..whoops wrong platform my bad. This the EPIC’s alter ego, a 6ft south Indian female she coincidentally lives with writing. Right now, I’m sat on our couch waiting for her to come home like an estranged wife waiting for her lover to return from the barracks.

I’ve been commissioned to write from yours truly. There’s no promises that this will make sense, I’m hoping as I type I’m inspired to say something profound that will change both of our lives or at least fit a word count for a respectable piece of writing that you don’t realise you’ve wasted your time reading until you get to the end.

These days I’ve been musing about the importance of maintaining connections, more often than not I’ve been guilty of neglecting to foster connections that I truly valued in the past. I’ve felt it normal that as time moves on, we become part of each other’s life’s audience as opposed to a supporting character. It makes sense that distance, time and circumstance can dilute our friendships and it is possible, to truly love somebody from afar and wish them nothing but the best.

For someone with a reasonably anxious attachment style, I thought this was a mature way of thinking. The ability to let go is crucial in life but recently I’ve been at a crossroad with this mantra.

I’ve come to the realisation that I’ve been careless. Recently I’ve met more and more people who I’ve noticed actively nourish their relationships. Relationships that they value deeply perhaps because of the formative impact these relationships have had on their life, nostalgia or just the fact that they think their friend is a bad beep and they want to keep them around.

I can’t think of a bigger privilege than to have friends who, despite your friendship no longer being convenient, make time for you. They inconvenience themselves, carve out time in their busy life, to accommodate to nourishing their relationship with you. To be a recipient of someone’s time on the very pure basis that you matter and your wellbeing matters to them – that is a love language in its self.

Which comes to my point, effort is sexy. Make effort with the people who matter to you. Not to capitalise on your friendships but with the knowledge that caring can be a great vulnerability but it is also our biggest and most human strength. And, respect people’s time, value the people who value you and know that you will always reap its rewards.


Gossip girl (a.k.a NiNi Kins)

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