Finding The Balance

In a world full of instant updates and an expectation to be constantly be productive finding the balance is hard. Not only can it be difficult to figure out how to balance it all it is equally important to make sure we do. Without some form of a balance we end up in a cycle of being overwhelmed by it all, exhausted and burnout. I think to some degree we’ll all struggle and get pulled one way or the other from time to time. But what does it mean to actually find the balance?

I believe we get caught up in the conversation and generic comments about it all but don’t understand how to action things. For me, I have numerous different things on my to do list daily including freelance work, things I enjoy doing, things I want to do to get me to where I want to be, things I probably need to do to care for myself and things I want to do for others and the list goes on and on. But I’m only one person with 24-hours in a day and a big chunk of that goes on sleep and eating and basic tasks required to exist.

I think in order to actually find the balance you have to be realistic. Realistic about whet you want and what you can actually do. That also means bring real about how long things actually take. Not the mindset of Oo I’ll quickly do that task it’ll only take 5 minutes when it in fact requires 50 minutes. In the end being honest can be uncomfortable but it’s needed. I mean yes I want to do 50 things but I need to learn that I can’t. I need to learn to say no both to others and myself because doing too much isn’t the one. I guess that’s where boundaries come in.

Implementing systems and boundaries to avoid a lack of balance in your life is everything. This can be checking in via conversation or writing regularly. it can also be reflecting on what you’re doing and what it would be good to adapt. It can also be realising you won’t be able to say no to your boss when they ask you to do a task but maybe you have a system where you say yes I can do it BUT not straight away. It will be done in 2 days. By adding BUT you give yourself room to be realistic and to avoid tiling the balance and having sleepless nights.

Ultimately finding the balance isn’t an easy process. It’s a constant learning curve and that’s okay, as long as you’re trying to actively put yourself first.

Kthanksbye x

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