Cultivating The Life You Want To Life

In the digital world that we live in selecting preferences and optimising has become a normal way of living. Inevitably this has changed the way we live in many respects and more importantly the way we think. For me personally my day to day life is measured by various things from how long I slept to how productive I am being. After all, we tend to record and track everything, whether we want to or we know our phone is doing so, from screen time to steps, complex tasks are minimised into numbers and graphs. I think this comes with pros and cons. In some respects it allows us to understand ourselves on a deeper level, to adapt and improve things to live the life we want to live. But in other respects, we obsess or guilt ourselves because we aren’t quite hitting our targets and we aren’t living the life we want to live.

More than anything, the world we now live in has highlighted how we really can cultivate the life we live in. You can mute conversations you’d prefer not to have. Utilise bedtime mode to avoid distractions. Reminders and to-do lists to ensure you get things done or/and remember that little thing you always forget to do. With the right mindset you really can improve your life in many respects.

For me, learning to believe things are possible despite things not being stacked in my favours has opened so many doors. Yes I had to do 101 things to open them doors but the start is believing it is possible. From there I had to set up various systems and understand my strengths and weakness which is a battle in itself. But ultimately, I’m in charge of my life. I’m in charge of what I do with the knowledge and situation I’m in. At times things are beyond my control such as live events and health but ultimately I’m in charge.

Let me know what you think!

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