Your feelings are valid

You’ve probably read 100 quotes, maybe your friends have told you how your feelings are valid as are your needs but somehow you still feel the same. You still fall into the trap of thinking someone’s got it worse like that makes a difference. But to you it always will because it signals that you’re struggles aren’t that deep. Somehow you always find some kind of excuse. The thing is that’s exactly it, they’re excuses.

Whilst it may not feel like it, your needs are important. It’s not selfish to ask for something whether that’s someone’s time or maybe it’s a change in behaviour or you need to say no to something because you just can’t, that’s okay. You’re allowed to say no. You’re allowed to want more. You’re allowed to have needs because you’re human.

The more you silence yourself, the more you find an issue with having feelings, the more you hurt and that’s not okay. You matter. Stop silencing and putting others before yourself. Learn to allow yourself to speak up when you’re not happy. To call out bs early. It doesn’t matter if someone else has it worse, they always will. Just like someone is facing a struggle that you’ve decided is harder, someone else has it better, yet you’re not sat comparing yourself to them.

Know that you’re are the most important person in your life and it’s time you started treating yourself like you are.


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