To the person that is overworking right now

It can probably wait. I learnt that the hard way. Constantly making excuses and overworking isn’t a measure of success. I know learning to slow down and take breaks can be hard. But, it’s essential. Your body needs you to listen and be mindful. Taking things easy is everything.

We talk about burnout so often that people are convinced they need to keep doing more because they’re not burnt out. I feel like there needs to be more conversation about melting. I know that sounds strange but here me out. Think about a candle. Once it’s gone it’s gone but there’s the in between when all the wax is melted but if you look after your candle right it has a long healthy life. You give it time to set and it is ready to go through the process again. I think we’re all in a constant state of melting. Often overworked. Tired. Fed up. But too afraid to admit. Because if you did, somehow that would mean you’ve failed or you’re less successful.

In reality I think learning to be honest understand YOU ARE HUMAN is everything. Don’t worry about burnout. Worry about now. Focus on not overdoing it daily. Yes you can do that extra task but should you?

Let me know what you think!

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