What difference will it really make?

In a world of one more episode, just a few more minutes on Tiktok and a quick scroll through my emails in the evening, it’s easy to fall into the headspace of what difference will it really make? I mean it’s only 5 minutes or you know it’s already half 12 so may as well just sleep at 1, right? It’s easy to fall into making multiple excuses for ‘bad behaviour’. I say ‘bad’ because ultimately what really is bad? It’s all open to your interpretation and what you want your life to look like. Realistically one more episode isn’t a bad thing but when you need to be up in 5 hours or you have an assignment to submit, another episode impacts everything else. Actions have consequences both good and bad and everything ultimately makes a difference.

Plus we are what we repeatedly do.

It always starts off as just a couple more videos and before you know it your screen time is up 25% and you seem to be more tired. But somehow you haven’t noticed the correlation between your nighttime Tiktok scrolling and the reduction in the amount of sleep you’ve been getting lately. Then by the time you realise the habits seem harder to shake. Inherently nothing is bad or good but everything you do makes a difference which when you think about it is powerful. You have the power to make positive change. You could spend 5 minutes each morning just reflecting, moving your body or just reading and slowly by the end of the month it’ll become a habit or at the least, you will have stayed consistent with something to understand how you feel about the book or whatever it is you’ve been doing.

Let me know what you think!

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