Ask yourself why?

Too often we just do; we don’t really spend time reflecting on our intentions, on our motivators and ultimately on our why? Instead, we go with the flow and don’t really give ourselves time to reflect on why we felt a certain type of way or how something may have fit into or changed your why. Learning to stop for a moment and actually understand what drives us, what guides us and just more about who we are at the core will only benefit us. It allows one to make a more informed decision, to do more that will be fulfilling, and to know when to say no.

So what do I even mean by your why? Well, you have to start by looking at what really motivates you? Kind of like when you’re asked in an interview and come up with multiple answers often more so of what you think your interviewer wants to hear but maybe part of the answer really resonates with you.

Is it money? family? a specific change? What is it that drives you to do whatever it is you need to. For each person, it will be different and what truly motivates you may not fit what you think sounds good, it’s okay if it’s selfish, the key here is to be real with yourself. There’s no need to sugarcoat it.

Next is understanding any other driving factors, and understanding your core beliefs. Here it may be the rules you resonate with mostly on a religious level, or maybe it’s just general morals that tend to register unconsciously when making a decision e.g. does this harm anyone? calculated impact, revenue generated etc.

As you move through life being more mindful and open to understanding yourself, often you’ll be surprised. Surprised at what’s really driving you at the core but also on the number of times you compromise on this. But that’s the beauty of learning about yourself, the adaptations you’ll make, and the room you create for more positive emotions towards yourself.

For me, my core why will always be helping others. Wherever however and whenever I can. Needless to say it goes much deeper than this, this relates back to my faith, which teaches me to be good to others. I also aim to work hard at whatever I do and show up at 110%. There’s really no point in me doing half a job. When I put my mind to something, I don’t care how tough the joinery will be, I will find a way and I will do it. I thrive when challenged and if I’m not being challenged I would rather go somewhere I can be challenged and utilised best. 

My loved ones mean the world to me. Being able to support them and give them everything they want in life and reduce their stress Is so key to me. So whilst money isn’t at the top of my why, but it matters, after all having the funds to make a difference can significantly change the level of impact. However, I would never want to earn in a way that is not pure, or in a way that I’m all in. For me, I give my all. It’s unfair for me to give part. Finally, creating, innovating and change are definitely driving factors. I love coming up with solutions. I love learning. I love thinking of new ideas, products and I love creating. I’m sure there are lots to learn about myself or things that are just between me and me. 

Here’s to learning and adapting decisions to fit with who we are at the core.

Let me know what you think!

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