You’re only human.

There will be moments where you just can’t compartmentalise and your emotions just turn up extremely uninvited. Sadly there is only so much you can do about it. It’s human to hurt. The people you’ve lost, the problems you’ve faced, the pain you’ve experienced. You have to feel it. It may feel draining, repetitive and exhausting but it’s part of the process. You have to feel the bad just as you soak in each moment of the good. When you avoid the sad emotions they just end up turning up at the stupidest moment so stop running. Believe me, when you stop running and just learn to feel and learn it’s okay. You’re going to shed tears, you’re going to get angry or even just feel numb. You’re also going to feel happy and laugh lots. All the emotions are important and help you to function as the person you are. When you learn about yourself and how to experience your emotions even the unwanted once I promise it’s somewhat comforting. Maybe not at first but with time you’ll understand how processing your feelings is needed and usually it’s not the best feeling. There will be days you feel like no-one understands or you feel extremely alone but that’s okay. It’s all about reminding yourself you’re not alone and with time you’ll heal. Things may not be the way you want them to be, you may feel helpless but that’s okay. You are strong.

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