It’s okay if you aren’t doing it all

With everyone sharing their accomplishments and a world if instant comparison, it is hard to feel like you are doing enough. It is difficult to not question your successes and fall into the trap of feeling like you should be doing more and feeling like a failure. The reality is you are not a failure nor are you not doing enough.

You’re driven to do more and that is great but no-one can do it all. Believing that somehow others get it all done and there is something wrong with you is a flawed mindset. You’re doing the best you can in the situation you are in. Comparison really is the thief of all joy.

Instead of focusing on ‘all the things you should be doing’ look at all you have done without prejudice towards yourself. Simply trying to be better each day and having the drive to do more can be really difficult but nonetheless you keep going. Whoever you are, I know you’re trying. We need to learn to acknowledge how hard that can be, Don’t get me wrong I’m not saying you won’t do more but for now, what you’re doing is great. Stop trying to sprint your way through life to some trophy at the finish line that doesn’t exist. Take in each moment. It’s the little wins that feel good if you allow yourself to enjoy them. As cliche as it sounds, embrace the journey, happiness isn’t a destination.

Stop trying to do the most, you’ll burn out, I promise. You are human. You are enough without doing x y and z.

Be kinder to yourself.

Kthanksbye ✨

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