“I don’t have enough time”

We've all been there, wanting to do 100 things and never managing to get anything done. Feeling overwhelmed by it all. Jumping from task to task with no real direction and just feeling frustrated. Often we tend to hide behind the narrative of "I don't have enough time" as it is much easier than admitting... Continue Reading →

BY ERIM Hair Oil – Is it worth it?

Over the past year, I have seen so much about BY ERIM hair oil, launched by the lovely @erimstagram and I was so intrigued as it was advertised as non-oily and life-changing. What made the oil more appealing is it is cruelty-free and vegan!! I didn't really believe and oil could be non-sticky but after... Continue Reading →

WE ARE WOMEN | Let’s talk body positivity

Let's get real, the world's a little wild and there are constant triggers making us negative towards ourselves. I mean we're so quick to compliment friends, strangers and basically anyone but ourselves. But when it comes to you, how long would it take to complement 5 things about your appearance with confidence? Sadly most people... Continue Reading →

The Body Shop Festive Fun

It’s that time of year, everywhere you look there’s a bargain and everything is just so tempting. It’s also an amazing time to grab gifts, I often stock up because why not? I recently got invited to go to The Body Shop in Liverpool One to check out their new range and learn about what... Continue Reading →

Lane 7 Bowling

Liverpool City Centre has always been limited on things to do BUTTT the time has finally come and there is a new bowling lane right by central station, just a few minutes from Liverpool Lime Street. I was super excited when Pink Media ltd. invited me to the pre-launch event for Lane7 and took my... Continue Reading →

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