The most Smashing burger in Manchester | Smashville Burger Co.

I’ve tried A LOT of burgers in my time so when I was told about Smashville I figured it would be nice but nothing too special.

I was very wrong. The burger’s at Smashville are EPIC. No words can quite explain how delicious Smashville is.

Put it this way, I ended up going back the next day with some friends from Liverpool given how nice it was. They were just as blown away as I was. What makes Smashville even better is the place is that it is an actual double-decker bus. which has been spray-painted black and converted inside

The place is located just inside the Wash & Go car wash and it can be quite a struggle to park up but you can wait in your car and they will bring your food out to you or alternatively you can dine in for the full experience 😉. Just to warn you it is cash only.

My absolute favourite is ‘The Simple Sando’ which is a juicy buttermilk fried chicken breast cooked to perfection served in a brioche bun. There are no words that can quite describe how epic this tasted.

You can opt to double up which I would definitely recommend. Usually, I struggle to finish a full burger but this was so good that I found a way to almost finish when I doubled up and the rest tasted great even reheated.

The beef burgers at Smashville are just as delicious. They make them in-house, they’re not frozen. They’re smashed burgers which means that they aren’t perfectly round (sometimes you get a burger and a half). The beef burger comes in a brioche bun that has lots of sesame seeds. We’ve tried both The Classic Beef Burger and The Fiesty Burger which comes topped in jalapenos and is rather spicy.

Both are £5.49 for a single or £7.49 for a double.

Smashville also has the secret menu which @HalalFoodGasto told me all about with particular

recommendations for The Dirty Burger which is their beef and chicken together which whilst it sounds strange, my friends loved it! If it’s your first time this is the perfect way to try out both given how delicious they both are.

The fries at Smashville are just epic. They are a must. There are lots of different options whether you just want the Smoky fries which are almost like peri-peri fries with their own twist for only £2.49 or you can go for the even yummier options. The portion sizes are really big so they’re perfect for sharing but they’re so delicious you may just want your own 😉.

There are the parmesan fries for £3.49 which everyone loves. They’re unique but for me personally the garlic can be a tad overpowering.

Or the cheesy fries which are my personal favourite. These chips are salt and pepper fries which come topped in warm melted cheese which I do not usually enjoy but these are incredible 😍. They’re only £2.99 as well. As I write this my mouth is watering.

All in all the food at Smashville is a must. You need to let them bless your tastebuds. I would 100% recommend you visit, I regularly drive down from Liverpool. The food is all halal and non-stunned which is great. The staff are lovely and make sure that your food is perfect. The place is perfect whether you’re on a date night or you’re with the family.

Key details x

Sadly Smashville is closed on Monday and Tuesday but they’re open 5 – 11pm on Wednesday to Sunday.

They’re located on 210 Cheetham Hill Rd, Manchester M8 8LW

Kthanksbye 💋

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