WE ARE WOMEN | Let’s talk body positivity

Let’s get real, the world’s a little wild and there are constant triggers making us negative towards ourselves. I mean we’re so quick to compliment friends, strangers and basically anyone but ourselves. But when it comes to you, how long would it take to complement 5 things about your appearance with confidence? Sadly most people will struggle to think of 1 or they’ll say kind of this and that. Take this picture for example. I know somewhere that if it wasn’t me I would probably love it but because of the way you can kind of see my teeth I suddenly feel so flawed. But why? Why is that the way I am now programmed?

I’ve always avoided thinking about body positivity too much but I know realistically that I’ve never been that body positive. I’ve always hated things about my body and just thought it is normal, we all do, right? But with time I’ve realised that actually that isn’t normal. Humans come in all different shapes and sizes and we are all beautiful. There is no such thing as the perfect body, we are women regardless.

When I heard that @EmilieShoots was planning a We Are Women shoot to showcase that women are beautiful regardless of ethnicity, size, shape, sexuality etc. I was super happy to take part. I loved that she’d chosen to include people with invisible illness’ highlighting that we are women regardless. I mean you could never determine how in this picture suffers, could you? which just further highlights how important it is to not judge one another via image and instead dig deeper, ask questions, get to know one another. I got to meet @Pain.in.the.head and she is lovely. She too suffers with chronic illness but continues to be strong and smiling.

Meeting so many different ladies made me realise that we all feel awkward and imperfect and struggle but that is exactly what makes us so special. We are all uniques and perfect in our own way. It’s so important to change that voice in your head and stop being so unkind.


All photographs were taken by @emilieshoots

There are so many amazing women in these pictures, I’ll find all their usernames and tag them x

3 thoughts on “WE ARE WOMEN | Let’s talk body positivity

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  1. Such a lovely post. I love the idea of treating yourself as you would others because we’re so much nicer to other people than we are ourselves!


  2. I love everything about this post and the photoshoot. We need more of this in the world today. There is so much pressure on women to achieve that ‘perfect’ body, however, that’s an unrealistic expectation. Rather than trying to be someone we’re not, we need to learn to love who we ARE!


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